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Give your students the feedback they need, when they need it. Flash Feedback offers rapid, anonymous peer-to-peer feedback.

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Giving feedback to peers, and receiving substantial feedback in return, is a powerful way for students to engage with the learning criteria.

But traditional peer review often degrades into an editing session, with students struggling to move past spelling mistakes to focus on the criteria.

With Flash Feedback's scaffolded peer review process, your students will get revision-focused feedback and you'll get actionable data.

All in a single class period.

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Teacher Experience

Input your existing assignment directions and criteria.

View all work submissions at once and monitor the session to provide real-time support.

Use the feedback data and communication tools to intervene.

Display and discuss successful work samples.

Student Experience

Anonymously submit your text or image work sample.

Learn by anonymously advising and celebrating your peers.

Use your feedback to make a detailed revision plan.

Follow your plan to improve your work.

Your Flash Feedback account also gives you access to our teacher spot-annotation tool, Floop!

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